“If you are looking to get your computer or electronics fixed, or to buy or sell used electronics, this is a useful local place to do it. They were able to buy back some gadgets we don’t use anymore. We got cash on the spot and the happy knowledge that the old gadgets are getting some use and won’t be sent to a landfill. The store also offers computer recycling.” Source

“A friend of mine returned his old pc here and was very happy gettin some money from that. I also intend to return my old pc and have other gadgets I dont know what to do.” Source

“Quick, Efficient and Honest – Having sought a quote on the web, which came back quickly, I accepted the quote and was sent a label for despatch and collection by their agent. Later I was sent an email advising me on a day for collection. I sent my MacBook Pro off to Bits and PCs, received notification that it had arrived. Two days later I was sent the results of testing and a revised quote because I had incorrectly described the body (my fault not theirs).I accepted the revised quote and payment arrived 4 days later. The whole process took just over a week. I can’t fault them.” Source

“Honest and accurate – I sold my apple desktop after being given a quote via email. The financial transaction was accurate regarding the initial quote. I would highly recommend this company if you are selling electrical products. I would use them for any purchase i will make in the future.” Source

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