Apple MacBook Repair London

Fast, reliable repairs and servicing for Apple MacBooks, Apple MacBook Pros and Apple MacBook Air. Experienced engineers can assist you with any hardare or software problems you may be having.

We also carry out repairs on iPads and iPhones, and we will come to your business premises or home if you wish.

If you are looking to solve any technical problem, looking to repair damage quickly, or upgrade your MacBook, or just have some questions, then Bits & PCs engineer technicians can help and assist.

Apple MacBook Liquid Damage

Apple MacBook Liquid Damage

Spilt water, coffee or wine on your MacBook? Our advise would be to instantly shutdown your computer, unplug from the charger and bring to Bits & PCs. We will clean up any liquid residue that can permanently damage your Apple MacBook, and replace or repair already damaged parts. We have a very high success rate in bringin back your laptop to life, with all data intact.

So remember power off, unplug and bring as quickly as you can to Bits & PCs for your Apple MacBook Repair in London.

Apple MacBook Screen Repair

Apple MacBook Screen Repair London

Bits & PCs provide high quality, premium screen replacement service for Apple Macbook, Apple MacBook Pro and Apple MacBook Air.  So if you have dropeed your MacBook, had something dropped on it, or it just broke in your bag, we’ll supply and fit your computer with a brand new screen. Fast.

Common Apple MacBook fixes

  • Slow or crashing.
  • Mac OS X and installations and upgrades
  • Mac OS X optimisation.
  • Upgrades for speed and storage
  • Recovering data from corrupt disks or accidentally deleted files
  • Wireless network problems
  • Migrating data from old to new MacBook
  • Power problems.
  • Malware and Virus removal and protection
  • Faulty keyboard or keyboard key replacement.

Collection Services.

Bits & PCs can collect your computer, repair then return it to you from anywhere in the UK. We even have a same day collection service available to some areas.

So if you are looking for the convenient choice, call us on 0207 221 1355 to discuss your options and arrange a collection.

home computer call out london services

Home Call Out Apple Repair

Our expert engineers aim to make life as easy as we can for all our clients. If you are unable to come to us, we can arrange an engineer to visit you our Home Call Out Service in London. We will aim to resolve any issues with your computer, internet service or any other gadgets around the home.

Wherever you are, Bits & PCs have a convenient option to repair Apple MacBook. It’s easy to get in touch with us. Visit our computer shop in Bayswater or contact us via our contact form or by phone on 0207 22 11 355 for further assistance.



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