Apple MacBook Air Repair London

Introduced in 2008 the Apple MacBook Air has proven a very successful and iconic member of the Apple Mac lineup. The initial model was flimsy, not very quick and not reliable, however it was remodeled in 2010 with a slicker, stronger aluminium body.

There are not many issues unique to the MacBook Air, however you cannot increase the memory (RAM) to speed up your computer, and to upgrade the storage is expensive, and the limits are low. In practice, what you purchase initially is what you will be stuck with.

However as with every computer it does occasionally have some problems, either due to user fault, or technical faults, and here at Bits & PCs the engineers are happy to have an immediate look and offer our Apple MacBook Air repair London service or advice.

Common issues for Apple MacBook AirApple MacBook air Repair London

  • Slow or crashing system
  • Liquid spillage
  • Installation, troubleshooting and upgrade of Mac OS X.
  • Recovering missing, deleted or corrupted files.
  • Wireless internet issues
  • Install of  a new Apple MacBook Air
  • Screen repair of 11 inch and 13 inch models.
  • Power problems
  • Virus removal services

Apple MacBook air Repair LondonReliable, trustworthy service for Apple MacBook Air Support

Visit our London store and speak directly to our engineers, with no appointment need. We will initially attempt to resolve your problem immediately if possible, and if not possible we will take into the onsite workshop and begin immediate work.

Whether you are a small business, a student or a consumer we understand how important it is to get your Apple MacBook Air back as quickly as possible with as little disruption and with the quickest turnaround time.

Apple MacBook Air repairs in London with Bits & PCs.

Wherever you are in London, Bits & PCs can help with your Apple MacBook Pro. It’s easy to get in touch with us. Visit our computer shop in Bayswater or contact us via our contact form or by phone on 0207 22 11 355 for further assistance and advice.



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