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At Bits & PCs, our service works in five simple stages. If you have an Apple Mac to sell today, fill in one of our online form for an instant quote. If you’re looking to sell Apple Mac computers or sell Macbook laptops, we will pay fast, and this can be put towards the price of a brand new model. Let us know the specifications of your hardware and we’ll help you to sell MacBook in London today, or even anywhere in the UK. We'll even arrange a free collection. Once you’ve filled in the details of your Apple Mac to sell, experts at Bits & PCs will be able to make you an instant offer. You could be walking away with the cash today if you choose to visit our high street store. If you’re looking to sell MacBook Pro,  London residents like you are receiving great deals today from us.

Free Instant Quote – Sell My iMac Today

Sell iMac

If you decide to accept our offer, either by email or in our store in Central London, recycle iPads and MacBooks today by delivering us your unwanted goods. Our courier can come and collect your equipment or you can complete your sell iMac West London deal in-store with us. Local to Central London? Sell mac hardware today with no fuss at Bits & PCs. Once we’ve received your equipment, we will give it a thorough testing at our store in West London. Recycle Apple Mac equipment, or sell MacBook Air – Central London residents have trusted us for years to provide them with great results. If you’re thinking, ‘Yes please, help me sell my MacBook!” West London firm Bits & PCs can give you the best deal on your unwanted equipment.


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After we’ve tested the equipment in order for you to exchange MacBook Pro, West London residents can receive payment immediately. You can also exchange Apple Mac Central London wide, or get a great deal and exchange MacBook. West London residents can see that, when they recycle iMac, Central London computer companies may offer a range of prices, however Bits & PCs is way ahead of the competition. In West London, recycle MacBook equipment today or get a great deal and exchange Apple iMac. Central London wide, computer owners can receive excellent rates with established firm Bits & PCs anytime.

Do you want to Sell MacBook Air?

Bits & PCs gives you the opportunity with a sell my MacBook same day cash payment service. So if whichever Apple laptop model you have Bits & PCs provide a free collection service. Whether you have an Apple MacBook Pro to sell, Apple MacBook Air to sell or MacBook we will collect for free and pay without delay.


How Do I Sell My Macbook, Old Apple Device or Gadget To Bits and PCs

How Seling Your Apple Macbook To Us Works

Bits and PCs will happily purchase and recycle your old apple devices, laptops and gadgets and we provide a simple hassle free and transparent way to do

Step 1 – We Provide A Quotation For Your Old Apple Device, Laptop or Gadget

Click and complete the relevant form to receive a quotation for your old apple device, laptop or gadget. Some items have instant quotes, some you would need to submit for a manual review.

Step 2 – Collection Of Your Old Apple Device, Macbook or Gadget

Once you have received and accepted our quotation for your macbook pro or air we can arrange a free collection of your old apple device, laptop or gadget from your home or work place. We will send you a label which you would need to print and attach to the apple parcel. A courier would then come and collect your old apple device, laptop or gadget or you can take to your local courier drop off point.

Step 3 – Assessment Of Your Old Apple Device, Macbook Air / Pro or Gadget

Once your old apple device, laptop or gadget is in the hands of our technicians we will run a number of tests to make sure everything is in working order and/or as described by the customer. If there are no issues with your old apple device, laptop or gadget then we progress to the next step, if we do find discrepancies or errors with the laptop then you will be informed and asked how you would like to proceed. The old apple device, laptop or gadget testing process will take a minimum of 1 to 2 working weekdays for the standard service.

Step 4 – Payment For My Old Apple Device, Macbook Pro / Air or Gadget

Once your old apple device, laptop or gadget assessment is complete you will be asked to provide your choice of payment either via PayPal or bank transfer.

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