Laptop Repair London

Laptop Repair London
Our Laptop engineers are at hand ready to help you deal with any problems you may be experiencing with your laptop or PC.  So come visit Bits & PCs laptop repair London walk in computer centre. Then meet face to face with our experienced technicians whoa re always looking to help resolve problems as quickly and conveniently as possibly.

London Laptop Repair Specialists

Meet face to face with our experienced technicians, providingin you support and assistance you need. Experince and knowledge of multiple models and makes of computers. Our Laptop repair in London services, provide fast high quality work with guarantee.

London Laptop Repair Services

Here are some of the problems which our technicians would be happy to assist with;

Virus Removal
A complete, efficient and fast virus and malware clean up and security check of your laptop.

Windows Installations
Whether you want a new installation, upgrade or downgrade.

Laptop Screen repair or replacement

Laptop Screen Repair London

If you have cracked your screen we can provide a smade day service in many situations.

Hardware upgrades
For when you wan to upgrade memory, processors or graphics cards

Software updates
Because an updated system is a secure system.

Recovering Files
Whether you have deleted files or you have data corruption and hardware failure.

Disaster Recovery
Ensure your datas protection and security in all disaster scenarios.

Software Optimisation
For your slow laptop, we’ll cleaning up and revamp the operating system for smoother operation.

Windows Crashing
Whether you are suffering from BSOD, freezing or power problems, we can diagnose and assess.

Software Installation
MS Office and Photo editing applications are still needed, and we’ll help you get setup with the latest versions.

New Laptop Setup
So you bought a new laptop? We’ll help you get setup, transfer of old files to new, remove bloatware, and configure security on new laptop,

Liquid Spillage
Urgent, shut off your computer! Without a professional clean, any liquid residue remaing can permanently damage your laptop.

Apple Mac Virus Removal London

Find our Computer Shop in London

Bring your laptop along with you and let our experts help identify the main cause of your laptop failure. This will help stop you from wasting your money on unnecessary applications and additions that you may have been told will help you by someone without the correct expertise in laptop repair London. Get in touch with our experts today and we’ll help you save time, effort and money.

Contact us on 0207 22 11 35 or find us here.

On Site and Home Call Out Repair Service.

apple mac repair home visit london

Alternatively we have a team of specialist onsite engineers who will come to your home or office and carry out repairs on site if possible. Or we can provide a collection and drop off service, including installation of your laptop back into your home network.

To book an appointment contact 0207 221 1355.

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