Apple Mac Upgrade London

If you want to improve performance of your Apple Mac, or increase storage, Bits & PCs are here to help. Our Apple Mac Upgrade London team of specialists can offer advice on the best upgradess to optimise your Mac’s performance.

Increasing Apple Mac Storage Space

apple upgrade harddrive

If you are running out of space  on your Apple Mac, we have a few suggestions:

  • Purchase an external USB drive. Lighten the load on your device by transferring files you want to a separate disk you can take anywhere. This option is great if you have a lot of files you do not access regularly.
  • Upgrade your internal hard drives. Bits & PCs can increase your storage space by replacing your current hard drives with one of a larger capacity. A great option if you want all your files in one place, and everything stays right where it is.

Improving performance of your Apple Mac

Computer speed and performance depends on a variety of factors, such as the age and components quality. How you handle your Apple Mac, and how regularly it is maintained are also factors. However, direct solutions to increase speed and performance of your Mac include:

    • Increasing Memory – Having more memory (or RAM) on your computer allows it to run larger applications faster. It also allows more applications to run simultaneously without affecting the speed of a
    • A faster hard drive – Like us, not all hard drives are created equal. Hard drives come in different speeds and capacities. The faster the hard drive manipulates your data, the faster the overall computer or laptop. For example, Solid State Drives (or SSD) are particularly adept at offering high-speed data reading. They also have capacities that are big enough to compete with Hard Disc Drives.
    • A better graphics card (Apple Mac Pro only) – Graphics cards are used to for playing the latest games. They are also used to improve quality and speed of 3D processing programs like AutoCAD and Adobe Creative Suite.

Increased Features & Security

Looking for more features and added security to your device? Try updating your Mac to the latest operating system. For Apple Macs, this is currently the OSX El Capitan. If you’re considering upgrading your system, we’ll assist you with the transition. We’ll ensure all your documents, pictures, data, and music are transferred across safely.

Computer/Laptop Upgrade Services in London

As there is quite a selection of upgrade options to choose from with Bits & PCs Apple Mac Upgrade London services, you get to choose what is right for your computer or laptop. To discuss any upgrade options or discuss Bits & PCs Apple Mac Repair services,  give us a call at 0207 221 1355. Alternatively, you can use the Quick Enquiry for on the right hand side of the screen for a preliminary assessment.

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