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    Computer & Laptop Recycling London, UK 

    Bits & PCs desktop and laptop recycling methods are based around refurbishing and reusing the computer systems, this is the most environmentally friendly method of recycling, as opposed to simply destroying the computer and disposing of the parts. We do our best to ensure that minimal parts are sent to recycling.

    Laptop & Computer Recycling London, UK – Data Destruction.

    Every functional hard drive we receive undergoes a data overwrite destruction procedure, where we would overwrite every part of your old hard drive with new data using specialist software tools. This guarantees that no usable data can be recovered.

    If the hard drives are not fully functional then they are physically destroyed, so that they are beyond repair and the data is beyond recovery.

    Computer & Laptop Recycling London, UK – Keeping old Hard Drives.

    If you would like to keep the hard drives with your data stored, our visiting engineer will happily extract the hard drive on site and hand it to you. We can extract hard drives from nearly all equipment; we would just need advanced notice so our engineer can bring the necessary tools.

    data destruction

    Desktop Computer Recycling Services London, UK

    Bits & PCs recycling services in London will collect and recycle majority of I.T. equipment including monitors, projectors, storage devices and other peripherals. All items for recycling undergo the same protocol of data destruction, refurbishment and reuse.

    Laptop & Computer Recycling Service London, UK

    List of recycling equipment that we collect and recycle:

    • Desktop computers- Windows , Linux
    • Laptops and notebooks
    • Apple Mac, iMac, Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro computers.
    • Computer servers
    • Storage devices, external hard drives, network storage.
    • Networking devices – routers, switches, access points.
    • Projectors
    • Monitors and displays
    • Computer peripherals

    London Computer Recycling collection

    Bits & PCs recycling service in London covers all I.T. equipment, and we offer a collection service in the Central London area.

    Fill in the form below or Call on 0207 221 1355 for a laptop & computer recycling quotation.

    How Do I Use Your Recycling Services

    How Using Our Service Works

    Bits and PCs in London will happily purchase your old computers, devices, laptops and gadgets for recycling and we provide a simple hassle free and transparent way to do so.

    Step 1 – We Provide A Quotation For Your Item To Recycle

    Click and complete the relevant form to receive a quotation. Some items for recycling have instant quotes, some you would need to submit for a manual review.

    Step 2 – Collection Of Your Item

    Once you have received and accepted our quotation for your item we can arrange a free collection from your home or work place. We will send you a label which you would need to print and attach to the computer parcel. A courier would then come and collect your item or you can take to your local courier drop off point.

    Step 3 – Assessment Of Your Computer or Laptop To Recycle

    Once your item is in the hands of our technicians we will run a number of tests to make sure everything is in working order and/or as described by the customer. IF there are no issues with your computer or laptop for recycling the we progress to the next step, if we do find discrepancies or errors with the computer or laptop for recycling then you will be informed and asked how you would like to proceed. The computer or laptop to recycle testing process will take minimum of 1 to 2 working weekdays for the standard service.

    Step 4 – Payment For Your Computer or Laptop

    Once your recycle assessment is complete you will be asked to provide your choice of payment either via PayPal or bank transf

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