Secure Data Wipe

On every computer or laptop we purchase we carry out a data wipe service that will delete all content on the hard drive and then overwrite every part of the hard drive with random data. So any files or documents you have are not only deleted from the hard drive, but also overwritten by another file making it impossible to recover.

We carry out this procedure to ensure the security of all our customers data and to make sure it is not accessible to anyone else once your computer or hard drive is sold on or recycled.

The software we use to carry out this data wipe is either Active Killdisk,  the built in “Disk Utility” app on Apple Mac Computers or Microsoft Windows Secure Reset option.

If you feel more comfortable doing the wipe yourself before sending the hard drive to us please give us a call and we’ll guide you through the steps needed to carry out the procedure. Or you can carry it out yourself with these 5 easy steps:

5 Step Guide to Securely Wiping Your Computer

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