Condition Grading Information

It is essential that our customers be very accurate and clear with the description of their device when selling to us their computers, laptops, etc. This will make it easier for us to give them a more accurate description and prevent any disappointments from occurring. Should we receive a device which we feel does not meet the description and specifications of those stated, we will then have to provide a counter-offer based on the new information gathered.

If you would like to add any additional information, please submit the relevant form as accurately as possible and reply to the confirmation email with any additional information.


Grade A Condition

  • As New Condition.
  • No scratches or dents. 
  • Every component is in full working order with no technical or cosmetic problems on the device.


Grade B Condition

  • Has a few minor scratches  or very minor dents on the body.
  • If device has a screen, it is in full working order with no damage and no defects or dead pixels.



Grade C Condition

  • Full working order
  • General poor condition, with some scratches and a few dents.
  • Screen may have 2 dead pixels or a minor scratch.
  • Require a thorough clean or chemical clean eg from tar residue (from smoking) or pet hair.
  • For laptops battery does not hold more than 1 hr charge in desktop usee
  • Battery has a high charge cycle for Apple MacBooks (more than 500),

Gradef 1

Grade F Condition

  • Major fault with the device.
  • Logic board failure
  • Water damage
  • Faulty components
  • Used for Crypto mining or other equivalent use cases.
  • No power
  • Crack on Screen
  • For Apple MacBooks; antiglare coating peeling off
  • Model has been under manufacturer recall, but not repaired.
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