Sell My Gadgets with Bits & PCs

The world has an e-waste problem and it’s not going to go away considering the rate that we upgrade our tech. New iPhones come out every year and everyone ends up with a pile of old technology that they no longer want or need.

In fact, most people end up throwing out old technology or giving it away to their friends and family members, but if you’re in need of a bit of cash or want to ensure that your old device is put to good use, consider selling your gadgets to Bits & PCs.

Fair prices, no nonsense, sell my gadgets to Bits & PCs

There are plenty of ways to sell your gadgets these days. However, most of these sell services either offer you a very low quote (such as trading in your old Apple device when buying a new one) or you have to risk dealing with annoying buyers and people haggling you (such as eBay and Gumtree).

At Bits & PCs, you get the best of both worlds.

Simply check out our simple menu at the bottom to get an immediate quote for your unwanted gadgets. We’ll even offer a price guarantee that is locked as soon as you agree to sell the gadget to us. Once you send it and we receive it, we’ll accept the device at the price we agreed on or else we’ll send you the device back. It’s simple, quick, and your old device will be put to good use while you get to clear out unwanted gadgets in your home.

All of the prices we offer at Bits and PCs are fair and competitive against other services and marketplaces. For example, eBay selling fees are 10% of the final transaction value including any taxes and postage. You could be losing up to 10% of the value of your device! And there’s also the potential issue of dealing with sellers that you don’t know and potentially being pulled into a dispute.

Instead of dealing with those complications, sell your gadgets with Bits & PCs for a stress-free way to offload your unwanted tech while getting a fair price for it.

We make selling your gadgets easy

When you sell us your gadgets, you don’t have to do anything but send us the item. We’ll delete any files and wipe hard drives to protect your personal data, and we’ll clean up the devices before we either refurbish them or scrap them for parts (depending on the condition of the item). Here are a couple of other benefits that come with selling your gadgets with us:

  • We pay via bank transfer or PayPal–whatever’s more convenient for you!
  • We’ll match any quote that you receive from another company. Just contact us and let us know the company’s details and their quote.
  • We’ll arrange a free collection for high-value items, but we’ll also arrange a parcel drop off at any post office if it’s a smaller item.

Ready to sell your gadgets with us? Just use the selections below to get an instant quote or contact us if you’d like to learn more.

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