On Windows 10
1. Open Settings.
2. Click on System.
3. Click on About.

Same Day Service Cash payment

How Payments are Made

At Bits & PCs, we can help you sell your computers, gadgets and electronics simple and fast. Once you’ve received a quote and if eligible we will arrange for you a free collection through DPD Local who can collect your device from your home or work place. Or we can arrange for you to take to a Post Office with a pre-paid label.

Bank Transfer or PayPal

If you are unable to visit us in-store for whatever reason, then we will be able to collect your device from you via a trusted courier at your home or workplace. You can read our Bits and PC’s guide to packaging and postage guide. Following the collection, we will run various tests on the device. Once the device passes all the correct diagnostic tests and assessments, you will receive payment via bank transfer, cheque or via PayPal. Payments are processed within 1 working day of receiving payment instructions.

Bank transfer payment

Delays are the result of a system not functioning fully, or if the submission does not match the actual item, in which case new quotations will be provided. Should there be any sort of delay, we will notify you immediately and give you full details as to why. If a new quote for your device is to be provided, then you will be given the opportunity to decline our offer. We will then send the computer back to you at no extra cost. Your peace of mind is important to us.


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If you live close by, or happen to be in the area, it is ideal if you could pop by and deliver the device over the counter as this is much more convenient, time-saving and environmentally friendly. Due to the system checks which will need to take place, we may need to have 2 working weekday to run the correct diagnoses checks. These checks may include a complete hardware check-up to ensure that the device is fully functional (unless stated otherwise), reliable and stable.

If the device meets our system check requirements, and the system matches the submitted specifications of the device, we will then be able to authorise a payment to you via cash, PayPal, bank transfers or cheque.

Using our ‘Same-day Service’, you will be able to receive payment within the same day. To use this service, simply book in your device with us beforehand and bring it in-store before 11am to allow us to run all our tests that very same day. Unfortunately, this service is only available for devices that are valued up to £100.