Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data backup, protection and security is a priority for any business or individual. As the threats and risk to personal or company data continues to grow, there are a range of solutions to help secure it, and protect it.

Data, such as customer records, databases or stock information, becoming increasingly valuable to all businesses, not protecting it has seen companies fail, lose customers and money, or be blackmailed by criminals.

With a range of efficient and low-cost data protection solutions available, your business cannot afford to be without one.

Data Disaster Recovery Plan

Threats to your data

Accidental deletion, data corruption, a failed hard drive, a corrupt local backup, fire and floods are all risks that can happen within the business. External threats include data hijacking, a network attack, attack by a virus or malware, physical theft or a major power failure.

With Bits & PCs data protection service we can ensure that if any of these situations occurs, your data remains secure and accessible to you with the minimum of business disruption.

Backup and disaster recovery options include:

• RAID hard drive systems

These help protect against data corruption and hardware failure, creating local copies of your data on a set of redundant hard drives. If one drive or copy of the data fails, users are automatically provided a good copy on a working drive to use. RAID systems automatically keep themselves up-to-date, and there are varying levels of redundancy to cater for most budgets.

• Image backups

This service creates a bit-perfect copy of your business’s PC and servers, creating a clone of the operating system and data. Should your PCs or servers be stolen, break down or suffer major damage, their replacements will have the same apps and data available to them, as soon as you can plug them in and copy the clone images over.

• Remote backups

This service creates a backup of your data that is kept offsite. This means that if there is a major problem at your offices, such as theft, fire or not being able to access the building for any reason, then you can access these backups to recover your data.

• Cloud backups

The cloud is the low-cost and popular solution for most data needs, as businesses benefit from the lack of hardware costs, and easy access from any location to their data. Creating a cloud backup means your workers can access their data from most devices, and cloud services are now considered as secure as local backups.

Business benefits of backing up

IT Business continuity

Every hour your business does not have access to its data is time that it could be losing money. Having an easily accessible backup solution will help get your systems and services running faster.

Cyber-theft of data is increasingly common and performed automatically by aggressive software. If a hacker finds your data, they can encrypt it and demand payment to release it. A remote or cloud backup will help nullify this threat.

We always hope the worst will never happen but office fires happen every day. If that impacts your business, you need continuity and access to data to continue working.

Get in touch with Bits & PCs London for advice on a data backup and disaster recovery solution appropriate to your business.

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