Premium IT Support Central London

A fault with your company’s computer system doesn’t just result in enormous frustration, it can also mean a significant loss of productivity. In more sever cases it could mean a breach in security. Luckily, if you’re a business located in Central London; Bits & PCs IT Support Central London can provide a rapid, customised solution to all your IT repair and maintenance needs.

If you have an urgent matter and need fast IT assistance, our skilled team are only a phone call away. Our engineers, experienced in Windows, Apple and networking, will come out promptly to resolve the issue. Down time will be a minimum. Alternatively, our Managed support services contracts, ensure your system works effectively and any  issues are swiftly resolved before they get out of hand.

Cloud and Web Support

In addition to repairs and maintenance, we also offer cloud support and migration assistance, IT audits, network installations, procurement installations, Hotspot installations and a full range of website services. Don’t forget we can back up your system, as well as retrieve information after an IT disaster has occurred. Our expert, experienced team can tailor their service to meet your needs, so why not get in touch and see how we can help?

Network Installations London

Cloud Services London

Office relocations, renovations or infrastructure upgrades. Bits & PCs experienced IT Support Central London technicians can be consulted on equipment and supplies. Then our support engineers can carry out installation of computers, network equipment, servers, wireless equipment and cabling.

IT Managed Service Provider London

Bits & PCs provides a Managed Service Provider London subscription package, taking the load off a companies IT maintenance. Freeing up staff and funds to spend on other parts of the business. Registering with Bits & PCs London gives you all of the proactive maintenance and security protection you need.

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