Information Technology Audit

Bits & PCs can offer a complete and thorough examination and evaluation of your organisations information technology infrastructure, policies and operations.
Bits & PCs audit service can help you;

  • Determine whether you have the protocols in place to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of your data.  
  • Provide adequate employee training so as not to risk data or security, and implement protocols that protect against human error.
  • Assess risks to your equipment and software
  • Assess the efficiency of your equipment and optimise them for your specific requirements.
  • Ensure that the equipment you are using has adequate processing performance for your requirements and recommend necessary upgrades if they aren’t.
  • Look at the network infrastructure to make sure it is running efficiently and securely.
  • Assess bottlenecks in your computers or networks and how to resolve them
  • Implement management protocols
  • Increase the efficiency of the staff when using the computers or network.
  • Assess the health and safety of staff using computers, as misuse can lead to neck pain, headaches and RSI.

For thorough and in depth Bits & PCs IT audit please contact us on 020 7 221 1355 or use the Quick Enquiry form on the side.

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