CCTV London Installation for Home and Business

At Bits & PCs we provide a complete range of CCTV services for all residential and commercial properties in the London area. If you want to monitor and protect your home or business with modern yet affordable on-site cameras, we have the equipment you need, backed up with the kind of first class service you can rely on, and delivered at prices we know you’ll love.

Why do I need CCTV in London?

In a perfect world, there would be no need for CCTV cameras, unfortunately, as great a city as London is, crimes are committed on a daily basis throughout the capital. CCTV is a proven deterrent against a wide range of criminal activities, and is a highly cost-effective way of protecting your property and assets.

  • With our CCTV cameras installed, you’ll have the evidence to protect your business from consumer and employee fraud, such as credit card scams, bogus trips and slips, and other compensation claims.
  • Our London CCTV installation will help to deter shoplifters and provide the evidence you need for effective arrests and prosecutions.
  • Our cameras will help to protect you from employee theft in your London premises.
  • Our cameras can help you to monitor shop floor or workshop productivity.
  • Our cameras can help to deter would-be burglars and make you feel safer in your own home, knowing the property is being monitored 24/7.

Why Bits & PCs?CCTV London camera Installation

Our professional technicians have years of experience in installing modern CCTV systems for residential and commercial customers across the London area. Our computing experience allow us to integrate CCTV into your wired or or wireless networks and allow you to view them on your phone or laptop away from home.  If you’re not sure what kind of system you need, we’d be delighted to provide you with free advice and a no-obligation quote for designing and maintaining the ideal London CCTV installation system that is tailored to protect your home or business. To find out how we can help to protect your assets, please call us today.

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