Cloud Services London and Migration

What Is The Cloud?

Cloud computing simply means  storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of directly off your computer.  So whilst emails have been stored on the cloud for many years, and you can access through a browser or an email client such as Microsoft Outlook,  data is now stored on the cloud using popular apps such as Dropbox, Onedrive and Google drive. W

Applications were the next step to be run from the cloud. Open up a browser go to your accounting software and you can access a fully featured accounting program that is constantly updated for security and features and does not need installing on your device. Office 365 and Google docs are examples of complete cloud based office software, with spreadsheet and editing programs accessible from any computer with a browser.

What is gaining traction is running complete operating systems from the cloud. Windows Server has been at the core of many a business in a physical device onsite, but now it can be run off the cloud. This is where both large and small companies can see the benefits of moving to the cloud, and Bits & PCs Cloud Services London can assist in you getting there,

Cloud Services London

Why should you use Cloud?

Lower costs and maintenance
Lower hardware costs, no need to purchase or maintain and update expensive hardware.

Universal access
Access files and programs from anywhere at any time.

Up to date software and hardware
Cloud service provider will maintain and update the server and technology.

Choice of applications
Large number of applications are already cloud based and use subscription services so you don’t have to purchase expensive software.

Potential to be greener and more economical
Share the same physical resources securely with other corporations. Using the cloud to host your server results in approximately 30% less energy consumption and carbon emissions than using on site servers

Regulatory compliance and data residency requirements
Reputable Cloud service companies ensure data regulatory compliance and ensure sensitive data is comprehensively and securely protected

Data Security
Hardware failure, theft, fire etc can all destruct data locally. Cloud services maintain backups at multiple locations securely, keeping your data secure.

cloud services
What can Bits & PCs Cloud Services London Offer You?

  • Migrate your server and any server software to a cloud based system
  • Assist you in upgrading to Microsoft’s new cloud based Office 365 Software Suite.
  • Move your email exchange server to a cloud based exchange server or IMAP server
  • Configure a cloud based backup service to ensure your data is secure and safe, in addition implement a disaster recovery protocol ensuring to ensure we can get you back on your feet with minimum downtime.
  • Implement a cloud based managed support solution, to help in the maintenance and security of the workstations.
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