Synology released a new OS, DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6.1. This release is accompanied with software packages that improve safety, productivity and universality of Synology NAS servers. All together is a great tool for data backup and disaster recovery.


The new version of DSM contains Active Directory Server that improves effective management of IT resources. DSM 6.1 uses Btrfs, a file system of new generation, the stable version of which was released not so long ago, 2014. Together with Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, it enables the system to clone data instantly, which means instant data backup. SMB also improves stability, security and reliability while restoring missing data. Additionally, Btrfs provides an option for encrypting any shared documents of folders.


Acting as Active Directory Server, NAS-server optimises servicing of IT resources. Employing server policies it is possible to manage and control users on the network, providing easy access for installation of software packages to clients’ devices.


Vic Hsu, the company’s CEO, displayed his confidence about the product. He claims that this improved version for Synology NAS, that has powerful security and efficiency mechanisms built-in, is capable of being a centrepiece of IT strategy and a universal server for office space.


To corroborate its efficiency, Synology partnered with Seagate. NAS devices equipped with IronWoolf and IronWoolf Pro hard drives gets additional control from the server. IronWolf Health Management, which is now available on DSM 6.1, provides intelligent live health monitoring that potentially prevents catastrophic data loss.


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