Project No More Ransom saved people millions

No More Ransom was created approximately a year ago by some renowned establishments as Europol, Dutch Police, Kaspersky Lab, and Intel Security. The project is dedicated to fighting ransomware that encrypts user’s data. The participants of No More Ransom published the first report on their achievements.


During this collaboration was created a website, where people can find information on many threats and even find the tools to regain encrypted data. And it is all absolutely free.


It is reported that the initiative was supported by over a hundred of partners. Among those who joined the team, private companies were seen as well official law enforcement forces of different countries. You may recognise some names: Barclays, CERT (Belgium), Global Forum on Cyber Expertise, and many more.


Today No More Ransom offers 54 utilities for data decryption developed by Kaspersky Lab and other participants. These tools successfully confront 104 families of ransomware (different ransomware may use the same code at its core). During the year of operation, the website was visited by 1.3 million unique users. More than 28 thousands infected PCs were decrypted. This accounts to 8 billion euro that people have saved by not paying a ransom.


It was also noted that ransomware cases became more common and their occurrences increased by 11% in comparison to the previous year. The numbers of victims got over 2.5 million. In this situation projects like No More Ransom are indispensable.


Even No More Ransom confirm that many cases are still hopeless and the only solution for this matter is a regular backup. Find out here how to backup your systems.


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