We’ve already seen how PC power is being made redundant as services migrate to the cloud (Mac vs PC matters less as business moves to the cloud), and as a communications tool, the smartphone or phablet is far superior.

That has led Microsoft to launch a new campaign along with hardware vendors HP, Dell and Lenovo to promote their new sleek, powerful notebooks and executive curved screen desktop models like the new HP Envy. Hopefully other vendors will also benefit from the campaign, which has been created to promote all the new high-end models that most vendors are launching on the back of the Windows 10 release, Intel’s new Skylake CPU processors, and faster, more efficient motherboards, memory and additional features.

With Microsoft’s Surface Book shaking up the industry with a highly capable two-in-one device, we’ll expect a rapid response from Apple, who may eventually decide that they can offer a comparable machine that’s an iPad when in tablet mode and an OS X Mac when in docked mode.

Titled “PC Does What”, the campaign aims to remind the world what it is that these new PCs can do for users and try to limit the rise among home and business users of tablets and phones as their go-to devices.

Focused on the US and Chinese markets, the largest buyers of PC systems in the world, it will resonate around the globe purely thanks to the power of the internet and the size of the companies involved. The big question is, will this $70 million (£45 million) promotion help drive PC sales and get people buying the more interesting models, rather than the general low-cost ones that dominate retail stores?

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