Recent weeks have seen the usual seasonal onslaught of new hardware, as vendors try to convince users to adopt the sexiest, fastest and best looking computers, all in the name of productivity. Unless your business needs high-end systems for graphics creation, video editing, or serious number crunching, the truth is that no business really needs a new system unless the existing ones are more than three or four years old.

These machines will happily run Office productivity tasks, manage your email and enable collaboration for a good few years to come in their current state, OS and security updates aside. However, while it can be awfully tempting to splurge on a new fleet of Surface Books, the latest MacBook Pros or new Dell XPS systems, the reality is that even the hardware vendors know this game is almost up. Dell is trying to buy EMC to become more of a software and services player, Microsoft has restructured its financial reporting to focus on services, and even Apple is partnering with the likes of IBM and Microsoft to prove it is a services and business player.

All of this means you don’t need those expensive upgrades, as business tools move to the cloud, become free-to-use or as-a-service products, depending on the size of your business. Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Docs, SharePoint, Salesforce and others mean your teams can work better in the cloud, collaborate more efficiently and not worry about what’s in the box in their desk, or inside the laptop on the commute.

The current machines in most businesses are usually reliable. If not, we offer a comprehensive service for Apple Mac repair and computer support in London to ensure they are rapidly back in action. We can also help your business move its functions to the cloud to help limit the need for upgrades, encouraging bring your own device (BYOD) adoption, that sees the cost of new systems fall on the worker.

We also help set up your business for backups and disaster recovery, so that users can work more flexibly and the company data will be safe and rapidly accessible if there’s ever a major problem.

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