If you were to visit us in our London IT Support Service last summer and ask us whether you should upgrade to Windows 10 or not, you would hear our alerting “No! No! Don’t do that!” We have even given people advice how to stop their computer from upgrading to the new operating system. It is true when Windows 10 was just released it had a lot of problems. We were surprised, how something of such poor quality was made publicly available. Almost the year has passed since the official release of Windows 10. Do you wonder if the things have changed? They indeed have. It was very productive time for Microsoft. They have released tonnes of patches, fixes, and updates. And, finally, to those people, who we were scaring off the upgrade: we are giving the green signal.


We have previously discussed some exciting new features in Windows 10. What else can we add? Windows 10 has faster booting times. It works better with hardware, utilising more acceleration features that increase overall performance. DirectX 12 is available exclusively on Windows 10, that allows faster and better gaming. Identification with new OS is easier as features that grant access to documents and files with user’s biometric data are now built-in. Facial recognition uses special infrared cameras to reliably tell the difference between a photograph or scan and a living person. Fewer passwords to remember – isn’t that grand! Brute-force attacks are now even less efficient with new features. BitLocker now does a better job at protecting your files from unauthorised access. A heap of new developments protect the device from malware attacks, including The SmartScreen Application Reputation feature, that reduces the chance of human error.


We would like to remind people that free upgrade expires very soon, the 29th of July 2016. There’s little time for hesitation.The only precaution that we would like you to be aware of is that the upgrade may delete some of your applications without notification. We do strongly recommend to review all the essential software you use and see whether it is compatible with Windows 10. That chances that it is. But a little bit of precaution is better than a potentially irreversible loss.


Scared to do it yourself and want to be sure that nothing gets lost on the way or the option to return to the previous state is anything goes wrong? – contact us today on 0207 22 11 355 or visit us for assistance.


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