As we discussed in an earlier blog entry, Microsoft are planning to release a recommended update that will install the Windows 10 OS next year. The plans have proved to be controversial as many Windows users feel that they are not being given a choice about whether they want the new OS or not. Here at Bits and PCs, we’ve been offering high-quality computer support in London for both individuals and businesses since 2010. In that time, we’ve learned how important it can be to our users to keep their preferred Operating Systems. So what are your options if you’re not ready to upgrade to Windows 10 yet, or if you’d rather stick with an older OS indefinitely?

The easiest way you can prevent Windows 10 from being installed automatically on your PC is to change your update settings. You can find your update settings in the control panel (though they may be located in slightly different places within your control panel or labelled slightly differently depending on which Windows OS you currently use). When you have located your your update settings, you can check if your PC is set up to automatically download and install recommended updates. If it is, then it will install Windows 10 automatically. However, you can simply turn this feature off, which should prevent your computer from downloading anything you don’t want it to.

If you’re feeling particularly worried, you can always turn off automatic updating altogether. This will prevent your PC from installing and downloading updates regardless of whether they are categorised as important or recommended. You can choose to have your computer download updates but ask you before installing them, notify you of available updates but not download or install them without your permission, or simply never check for updates at all. Choosing any of these options will guarantee that your PC won’t install Windows 10 without your permission. However, it’s worth noting that it is not advisable to prevent your computer from searching for updates altogether, as some updates are vital for protecting your online security. We strongly recommend that you allow your computer to check for updates (or check for and download updates) but prevent it from installing them without your permission.

The distribution of the Windows 10 operating system through updates is completely unprecedented. Luckily, opting out is easy: simply follow the steps that we’ve provided in this blog entry! Just remember to keep a close eye on your PC’s security if you do choose to turn off the automatic updates.

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