Chimera Ransomware decryption keys are now available.

Chimera Ransomware is a malware that infects your system, encrypt files, and demands money for decryption. The message that you may find on your screen can contain various threats. However, there is only one – encryption and, consequently, loss of your data.

Unlike other malware Chimera does not have a TOR (anonymity network) site. Instead, it uses Bitmessage peer-to-peer messaging application. This creates a decryption service that is incredibly portable, secure. Also, it is extremely difficult to take down as there is no single point of communication. All of the peers participate in key distribution.

After initial infection, the program decrypts your files, not all of them but most of your images, text documents, Microsoft Office documents, music, PDF files. Enough to seize your productivity completely, but yet keep your computer up and running. After encryption is complete, you are directed to a web page. The page notifies you about the infection and suggests you to download a decryptor. Decryptor is a program that returns your files to their previous operational state. The program scans your computer, locate the encrypted data and ask you to make a payment before they proceed with encryption. They do their part “honestly” and decrypt the data after the payment.

Alas, Chimera has been defeated – the salvation is here.

Paty Devs have recently released the decryption keys. So a free decrypter will be released in the near future. We will be sure to let everyone know on its release.

If you became a victim of ransomware attack, do not hesitate and ask for assistance from our local professionals, London Laptop and Computer Repair Service. Alternatively, keep an eye on our blog for information on new threats and the way to protect yourself. Like always, we can never stress enough importance of backup. Discover the best option for you here.


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