What is the best backup option for you?


Here at Bits and PCs, we try to offer the best IT support in London. If you computer is damaged, corrupted or infected with a computer virus, we can fix it and if you come across any technical issues when using your PC, we can remedy them. However, there are circumstances in which your computer may become so damaged or corrupted that the data, applications and documents stored on it are irretrievably lost. As such, backing up the contents of your hard drive is a crucial part of computer maintenance. But what are your backup options?

1. Plug-in-and-back-up USB drives

USB drives are now available that will automatically back-up everything on your PC as soon as they are plugged in. Some of the USB drives available simply back up your data, media, documents and applications, whereas others create backups of your entire system. They are the simplest option for individuals worried about their data: you can just plug the drive into your computer and the backup process will start automatically. However, it’s important to do your research and choose a USB drive from a reputable supplier, as not all the devices available are completely reliable.

2. NAS drives

NAS drives are fantastic for individuals and businesses who have multiple computers running on the same network. Instead of being plugged into individual machines, NAS drives are plugged into your router. They can then be used to backup and save files, applications and media from all the computers on your network. NAS drives aren’t as simple to operate as plug-in-and-back-up USB drives, but they are worth the extra effort if you have the time and technical know-how to familiarise yourself with them.

3. Cloud storage

The main disadvantage of USB drives and NAS drives is that they are susceptible to the same physical hazards as the computers they exist to back-up. They can be broken or stolen just as easily. Cloud storage allows you to back-up your data to the web, therefore keeping it safe from physical threats and giving you the best guarantee that it will be there when you need it. We’ve discussed the benefits of cloud migration on this blog in previous entries, but it’s worth pointing out that it is still one of the best back-up options available. However, it’s also important to note that online back-up services often require a subscription fee, which means they can become more expensive than offline back-up options in the long-run. You should weigh up how important your data is before committing to this option.

Whatever back-up option you choose to go with, Bits and PCs are here to help you make the most of it. Contact us if you want to know more!

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