Over the years, Apple’s operating system updates have become largely smoother and less troublesome. So, last week, when iOS 9 arrived, apart from the usual scrum at 6pm UK time when it launched and Apple’s servers were flooded, things ran pretty smoothly. Yet, while our Apple and Mac repairs centre in London might have been a little less busy than in previous years, there is still plenty to report and advice to offer.

The new mobile OS is far smaller to download and install than iOS 8 at around 1.2GB, depending on your device. It will also smartly clean up the device’s storage to make space, if needed. For example, iOS 9 can temporarily delete large apps, and put them back in place once installation is completed, to save the user digging around to find space.

However, as tens of millions of users update devices, there are bound to be one or two issues. One such problem is users getting stuck at the Swipe to Upgrade screen, which Apple has outlined a fix for here (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT205239) that involves using or making a backup.

Apple’s current Mac OS X update, Yosemite, has had rather longer to solve issues on users’ systems. The recent 10.10.5 update fixes some issues, with the usual “stability, compatibility, and security” tags on the update. That includes a problem Mail users were having after the previous update.

Many users, however, are still having trouble with WiFi and Bluetooth; if this affects your system and none of the freely available tips online help, get in touch and we can perform a more thorough diagnosis at our computer repair centre in London.

If nothing seems to be working, the OS X El Capitan release due next week should help resolve some of these problems, while probably creating a batch of new ones. We’ll be on hand to provide all the business IT support, upgrade advice and troubleshooting you need to get up and running with the new OS on the block.

Let us know if you have any issues with any of Apple’s new operating systems or the new hardware.

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