Windows 10 S – Streamlined and Secure.

Windows 10 S was released recently and, apparently, it is Microsoft’s answer to Chrome OS. 10 S is lightweight and… limited.


Windows 10 S does not support executable files – the only way to install a new application on a computer is through Windows Store. On one hand, apps in Windows Store have to go through security check before they are approved. On another hand, the choice of apps if very limited. You will be stuck with Edge as a browser and Bing search engine. Microsoft claims that Edge is the safest browser and that is why they offer no alternative. Even if we accept this as a fact, Chrome and Firefox can be less secure, but they are far from insecure. We believe that Microsoft’s rigidity is not justified.


The system is stripped down and only necessary processes are present. This allows Windows 10 S powered device to consume less energy and resources. Yet, the attentive ear of Cortana will remain ever-present. Nevertheless, snap, virtual desktops, and task view give you some productivity you need.


Windows 10 S is synchronized with OneDrive, meaning the files you edit and create will be stored on remote servers. One trouble less – you won’t have to think about the backup.


Microsoft foresees frustration and boredom and, hence, provide a free one-year subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition. Nevertheless, if you feel too restricted, inexpensive upgrade to the full version of Windows 10 is available.

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