Redstone 4 is one of those huge Windows 10 updates that happen twice a year, normally, early spring and early summer. The new build can already be experienced by the public in a form of insider’s preview. No official documentation can be found on Microsoft’s website. However, those who installed insider’s preview eagerly share the information about the new build. The lists of new features can be found on the Internet with no hassle. Yet, looking through it we got the impression that Redstone 4 is everything that Microsoft promised us in the Creative Fall Update (last September) and never delivered.

Yet again, the Windows 10 about to receive Timeline, a new task view that memorises your activity like a history feature in an Internet browser. Yet again, Microsoft waves Fluent design banner in front of our eyes to glorify some useless gradient and effect change in a start menu. My People, the feature suppose to replace an address book and that was widely hated for taking space and being incompatible with anything apart from Mail, Skype, and Calendar apps, is getting slightly better, so you can hate it a little bit less.

Nevertheless, there are things we haven’t heard about yet, such as Nearby Share. The feature allows you to quickly share files with computer that are within Bluetooth signal range (in the same room with you). The is familiar to us, because this is how we’ve been sharing files on our smartphones for years. The difference is that you choose a name for your smartphone and Windows 10 assigns it automatically.

Katie, I want to sent you my presentation to review. Desktop-PSGDLRQ is that you?

-No, I’m actually Desktop-PSG45RQ… or was it 46..

Joking aside, there is something quite useful in this pile of random features: an advanced scaling option for older apps (like good old Photoshop CS6 that is unusable on high-resolution screens), an option allowing to disable your webcam for every app, downloadable fonts, transparent diagnostics reports, and more. Enough to get lost, so do not hesitate to contact local London IT support service to help you out.

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