During the conference that Microsoft held this week, Build 2017, an upcoming Windows 10 update was announced. The major update that we previously christened as Redstone 3 is now given a title Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Microsoft named 4 new key features that we should expect with the update.


The Timeline is a new feature that is added to Task View. It allows you to see a list of apps that were used on current or any other Windows 10 computer with the same account. The main function of this feature is Pick Up Where You Left Off mode. In its turn, it allows you to pick up from the point where a job or Internet search was interrupted. What is remarkable about this function is that it works seemingly between every device that has Cortana installed on it including those that run on iOS and Android.


Another curious feature is Cloud Clipboard, which works the same way as Apple’s Universal Clipboard. It lets you copy data from one device and paste in on any other. The thing that distinguishes Cloud Clipboard from Universal Clipboard is that, again, the feature does not limit itself to one operating system and works equally well on Windows, iOS, or Android devices.


Fall Creators Update catches up with competitors on all fronts. OneDrive gets Files On-Demand – an option to select what files you want to be synchronised with your computer and what files you want to stay in the cloud without taking up space on the device. Something that Google Drive and DropBox had already had for a while.


And here you thought: “Finally, so many familiar things are now a part of Windows”, but then Microsoft announces Fluent Design System with a malevolent smirk. It supposed to be a new interface design for Windows 10 – probably the only three words, “new interface design”, that cause cold precipitation and shivers of any Windows user. However, no further details about it are available at the moment.

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