As promised, Microsoft releases Fall Creators Update, a massive pack of updates for Windows 10, which now counts more than 500 million users. It was initially announced in May of this year and now users can, finally, start its installation.


You will see some visual changes. Some changes were introduced as a part of Microsoft Fluent Design concept. Control Panel gets a new acrylic look, notification panel gets bigger buttons to poke with your fingers, and pop-up notifications are acrylic too.


Among the improvement that we haven’t mentioned in a preview, Photo app deserves some attention. After the update, the app will be able to put photos and videos together, apply filters, 3D effects, themes, transitions, and audio tracks to the resulting media. The uses can select few files and Photos does the rest of the job using AI technologies.


Fall Creators Update also focused on deeper virtual/mixed reality integration for the products that are about to hit the store shelves. Windows 10 gets built-in Mixed Reality Viewer that shows 3D-objects in your personal surrounding. 3D elements were also added to Microsoft Office Suite.


It’s is not all just visual content: security of the system has improved resistance to ransomware like WannaCry and Petya due to Windows Defender Exploit Guard. The updates can be initiated with Upgrade Assistant that is obtained from Microsoft website or you can simply wait – it’s being automatically distributed in batches. Refer to London IT support for more information.



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