Since its launch, the Windows 10 operating system has attracted both positive and negative attention. A number of technical issues have made some users understandably wary of the OS, and Microsoft’s intention to use a recommended update to automatically install it onto compatible PCs in 2016 has been highly contentious. However, one aspect of the OS that has been positively received is the inclusion of Cortana. Cortana is Microsoft’s voice-operated digital assistant, and she’s proved to be a very popular gimmick. This is partly due to the fact that Microsoft’s digital assistant has been programmed to respond in a human and even rather humorous fashion to some queries, but it’s also due to the convenient, useful features offered by the software. But how useful is Cortana to your business really?

Naturally, performing searches and other basic functions using voice command may be slightly easier than using a traditional keyboard-and-mouse interface for some workers. So Cortana’s ability to respond to vocal commands could help to marginally improve the efficiency of your business, just by making it easier for your staff to do their jobs. The fact that the software is capable of processing natural language makes it even more convenient to perform simple tasks via voice command.

However, the most useful aspect of the Cortana software isn’t its ability to respond to the human voice. Cortana is capable of learning about its users and adapting to them, which helps her deliver relevant notifications and search results. In a business context, this can help save time and improve your staff members’ organisation (as well as your own).

Of course, the digital assistant that Microsoft has built into Windows 10 won’t revolutionise the workplace. Ultimately, Cortana is just like any other piece of software: it’s a tool that can be very useful or completely useless, depending on how it’s used. However, it does have the power to make life a little easier for Windows 10 users, including those who are using the OS in their business.

If you’d like to find out more about Cortana or any other aspect of Windows 10, feel free to get in touch with us today. We offer computer support in London and we’re ready to help you get to grips with Microsoft’s latest OS!

Windows 10 cortana by brar_j licensed under Creative commons 4

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