Wi-Fi radiation is extremely bad for you. Truth or false?

It is an unusual topic of conversation today, radiation that your router emits. Last week one of our clients in London IT Support Service admitted that he did not want to install a Wi-Fi router in his house fearing the harm it can do to his health. The majority of routers today, the “Wi-Fi box”, works on the frequency of 2.4GHz. The same frequency as a microwave oven. Microwave radiation is dangerous, right? So are you in danger?

Is Wi-Fi radiation going to kill you?

There are thousands of articles online about detrimental effects of Wi-Fi. Some claim that the radiation emitted from routers has caused people headaches and insomnia. The others claim it is potent enough to kill plants. There are even products on the market, a cage type of thing to contain your router, that reduces arguably harmful effect Wi-Fi radiation. Consequently, it does kill your Wi-Fi signal as well.

The World Health Organisation does recognise the similar types of radiation as Class 2B carcinogen. That means that this type of radiation is possibly carcinogenic at high exposures. However, the amount of radiation that Wi-Fi router actually emits is relatively low, so it does seem to be harmful. The average router transmits just 100-600 mW of power. The WHO claims that there is no health risk from long-term low-level exposure. They  also state that one year of Wi-Fi radiation equals 20-minute cell phone call.

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