A solid state drive is a piece of computer hardware that stores data like a hard disk drive, but reads data faster and is overall more efficient than a standard HDD. Solid state drives are several times faster than a hard drive and perfect for those who demand high performance, but if you are unconvinced, here are more reasons why you should purchase one:

Increased PC Load times

If you need more speed from your PC and already have installed a high capacity of RAM into your motherboard, a solid state drive will give you an extra performance boost. An installed SSD speeds up booting speeds, disk reading times, program loading times and overall system performance due to its faster disk writing speeds and powerful components, making it an essential part to your PC build.

Simple to install

You don’t need to be an expert to figure out how to install a SSD to your PC or laptop. Simply attach your SATA cable from the drive to your motherboard’s SATA slot and a power cable from your power supply to the solid state drive. Some include software to help you migrate all your information to the new SSD, so all your files, programs and layout will be exactly the same, just run a lot faster.

More Reliable

Normal hard drives are mechanical and rely on very sensitive and precise hardware, specifically an “arm reader” which moves across a “platter” disc that contains your data. If the arm is by less than a millimetre the hard drive can fail. So if it is jolted, dropped or even runs too hot for too long, this can happen. Solid state drives are simple computer chips. Nothing moves inside them, so if you drop them they are much less likely to go wrong. They are also lighter, give out less heat, and use less power than a normal hard drive. All of which is why they are ideal for laptops and tablets.
However we would still highly recommend you backup Solid state drives. Less likely to go wrong, does not mean they can’t go wrong.

Decreasing price

Only until recently, SSDs were expensive and exclusive to rich PC owners who were dedicated to getting the best PC they could. Now solid state drives have dramatically fallen in price year after year, with most IT stores offering a basic 120GB solid state drive for £42, which works out to about 30p per GB.

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