Surprising, even though there is high demand for the iPod classic Apple decided to discontinue the iPod Classic, removing it from the website and retail stores as apple focused its efforts on more modern ventures like the new iPhone 6 models.

 Tim Cook revealed why he had discontinued it on Monday saying that it was down to lack of parts. This is not surprising with all the new developments in technology. Cook then continued to say that if they wanted to continue it they would have to make a whole new product and that the iPod was not wanted by many customers anymore. Although, this comment has been seen to be false as the public have been making comments via social networks at how much they are disappointed it has been shut down.

Before the iPod, we had cassettes and CDs. People had to bring a mini CD storage book to listen to music. Apple eliminated all that when they introduced the iPod in 2001, with a light, compact body that carried massive storage capabilities.

The latest generation of the iPod classic offered up to 160 GB of disk space for their music, videos and pictures. As well as having the face wheel and click to navigate through the iPod. Nonetheless, the iPod’s days have been numbered since the release of the iPhone in 2007.

As Apple are making no alternative to the iPod Classic, it seems that the iPod ere has come to an end and iPhone’s will rule, due to it being that Apple only offers the iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and the iPod Touch (which is more or less an iPhone). None of them compare to the iPod Classic as two are touch screen devices and the other has no screen at all.

There were six generation of the iPod classic, all used a 1.8inch hard drive for storage. Originally this iPod was called an ‘iPod’, the ‘Classic’ was added to this model of iPod in 2007 when Apple started to release different types of iPods. This iPod was available in either black or white, replacing Apple’s signature white iPod.

 Cook revealed the information after an audience member asked about why he could no longer buy a 160GB iPod classic. You’re certainly not alone, audience man; it appears people are willing to shell out a little extra money to get their hands on the now-outdated devices. Unused iPod classics are going for £500 and more on Amazon.

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