Cloud migration is a hot topic in the world of computing right now. But do you actually need to migrate your data or services to the cloud? It’s true that migrating your data to the cloud offers many benefits (as we’ve discussed in previous blogs), but you should still be careful when deciding whether your business should make use of the cloud. Here at Bits and PCs, we offer business IT support in London, and we believe we know everything there is to know about cloud computing for businesses. As such, we’ve compiled a list of questions that you should consider before migrating your data to the cloud.

1. Is your business data-dependent?

All businesses can benefit from studying and understanding the data that they generate, but some are dependent on it. A high-street shop that sells physical goods over the counter doesn’t need much data to function: it just needs to know its costs, its profits and how much stock it’s using. In contrast, an e-commerce business that mails out goods or provides complex services over the internet requires huge amounts of data to function smoothly (for example, it might need to store its customers’ financial details, email addresses, passwords and preferences in addition to its own information and contact lists). The more data-dependent your business is, the more sense it makes to store information in the cloud. Cloud computing isn’t bound to a single, vulnerable piece of local hardware, therefore it usually safer to store important data in the cloud to avoid.

2. Does your business offer online applications and services?

If your business allows customers to interface with online applications, you may wish to consider cloud computing. Application migration to the cloud can help your business even if you only offer applications as an extra feature and not as a core part of your business. Storing your applications in the cloud may help them run faster (after all, it’s easier to buy storage and processing power in the cloud than to purchase new servers of your own). What’s more, because your applications and online services won’t be tied to you computer system (which may experience crashes or glitches), they may run more smoothly and reliably. In comparison, if you don’t offer any online services at present, it may not be worth migrating applications and data to the cloud.

3. Is your business growing quickly?

Cloud data storage is highly scalable. If your business is growing rapidly, it may soon require additional data storage space: it’s far cheaper and easier to buy this storage space in the cloud than to manually add nodes to a physical computer system. Of course, if your business’s size is currently stable, you may wish to wait before investing in cloud computing.

Cloud migration can benefit most businesses, but it’s still worth considering if it’s right for you before you buy space in the cloud. We believe that you should buy into cloud computing because it’s the correct solution for your business, not just because it’s currently generating a lot of online buzz.

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