USB-C replaces 3.5mm TRS audio jack

Still many people only shrug their shoulders pointing on the unknown “hole” in their new laptops, while seeking for advice in our London laptop repair service, Bits and PCs. The ones who know what it is expressed their disapproval of companies’ abolition  of 3.5mm TRS audio jack. Some claim that the change is absolutely unnecessary. Others fear that headphones will become unserviceable. On the other hand, the choice found its proponents. Apple and Motorola forced the transition on mobile platforms. Yet, many computer manufacturers acknowledge that USB-C is inevitable. So they are only happy to fit more functionality into something they cannot avoid.

3.5mm TRS audio jack is now the past

Like it or not, but the decision to get rid of 3.5mm TRS audio jack is becoming more and more popular. USB Implementers Forum recently published USB Audio Device Class 3.0 specifications. The standard is to be deployed by producers of anything from a smartphone to a laptop, who wants to know how to stream audio through USB-C on the devices they produce. The company clearly stated the aim of such step – abolition of the outdated standard.

Theoretically, this translates into a more compact, dust and water resistant devices. One “hole” is going to replace many. Even though USB-C uses higher voltages, developers claim that device’s energy consumptions will not exceed existing figures. On the contrary, they promise that the figures will be reduced. It is planned to deactivate unused components in order to save energy. However, it will make the life of headphone producers a little bit more difficult. They will have to include a special chip in the headphones themselves in order to “read” the audio signal.

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