Ubuntu’s team of developers announced that the new version of Debian-based Linux operating system is now available to download. It is distributed under numerical index 17.04 and codename Zesty Zapus.

Zest Zapus has an improved support of peripheral devices including printers (now printers does not require printer-specific drivers), and an updated Linux 4.10 core, the improved work environment in Unity and GNOME. Open-source office package, LibreOffice, and other software such as OpenStack are updated and calendar got week view. Overall stability and speed were improved.

In the latest release, Ubuntu does not only says “hello” to many new things but also waves “goodbye” to many old things. 32-bit PowerPC architecture was abandoned. And soon the same fate will touch Uniti work environment. All further releases of Ubuntu will be built for GNOME.  

The entire list of changes can be found here

As always, the project is available in different versions (Desktop, Server, Cloud, and Core) and available for download on the official website. The release of the next version is scheduled for October 2017. New versions of Ubuntu are released every 6 months and provided with updates for 9 months. The exception from this rule is Long Term Support releases (LTS), which are released every 2 years and supported for 5 years.

If you need additional information or assistance with installation and configuration, contact London IT experts.

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