We previously mentioned Microsoft’s Lite version of Skype, which the company released in India and other countries with slow Internet. Now Twitter decided to follow the steps of the corporate giant.

Twitter presented a lighter version of its web-site. It aims at people with limited space on their mobile devices and expensive mobile tariff plans. Twitter Lite loads 30% faster than a standard version. Alongside, navigation through the site happens much faster as well. Users can browse the timeline and individual feeds, send and receive messages. The opportunity to load images, browse profiles, and receive notifications was retained too. However, Twitter Lite does not support video uploads, “moments” and live-streaming yet.

Twitter Lite is equipped with traffic economy mechanism. In this mode images and video clips are displayed as thumbnails – the website allows the user to select and load the content of his choice. According to Patrick Traughber, this innovation allows to reduce traffic consumption for up to 70%, and because of that, Twitter becomes much more accessible for people in places with expensive traffic tariffs.

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