People report many faults with Microsoft Surface

Consumer Reports, an American magazine published by Consumers Union, a non-profit organisation focused on consumer advocacy and product testing, paid close attention to Microsoft Surface. They found out that this electronic device is susceptible to failure in a degree like no other notebook or tablet of other brands.

A few days ago, the organisation published a report of this non-commercial survey. About 90 000 portable computer owners took part in it. 25% of people who owned Microsoft Surface reported that they faced malfunction of the device during the second year of use. Among the faults, people experienced sudden crashes, freezes, and misinterpretation of gestures by the touch screen.

According to the report, devices produced by Microsoft, in general, performed worse and had more faults than the average. They add that Apple devices were on the top of the chart.

It is worth mentioning, Consumer Reports is one of the most reliable publishers in the world. The engineers, who work for the company, test all kind of electronic equipment themselves. The publication treasure its reputation as independent and, hence, does not place ads on their pages, does not accept any offers to test a particular device and does not allow to use the data that they provide for advertising.

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