Recently we talked about new USB Type-C interface and conjugated with it hesitation from manufacturers. Yet we see the pioneers who put those fears and hesitations aside and say “Hello, tomorrow!”. One of them is Transcend, who releases a new line of products, USB storage devices with USB Type-C connectors.


A leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, Transcend, has announced the release of new products. Those products include a wide range of devices: USB flash drives JetFlash 850S and JetFlash 890S, external hard drive StoreJet 25MC, and card readers RDC8K and RDC2K. All devices are equipped with symmetrical USB Type-C port.


JetFlash 850 and JetFlash 890S USB Flash Drives

Sealed in metallic casing USB flash drives are well protected from dust and splashes (not quite waterproof yet). Both devices allow data transfer up to 130MB/s. JetFlash 850S is equipped with USB Type-C connector only. However, JetFlash 890S is equipped with reversible USB Type-C connector and a standard USB 3.1 Type-A connector. It is a sensible decision, taking into account the reluctance with which new devices are implementing this new USB Type-C interface. USB Type-A is compatible with virtually any computer or a laptop that has been released in the past two decades and it won’t be going away soon. Most importantly, JetFlash 890S is an OTG  flash drive. OTG (On-The-Go) functionality makes this device usable even on smartphones and tablets.

StoreJet 25MC Hard Drive

Just like JetFlash 890S the new hard drive comes with a reversible USB Type-C and USB 3.1 Type-A connector. The hard drive is packaged into three-stage shock resistant casing. This feature offers a superior protection compliant with U.S. military standards.

RDC8K and RDC2K Card Readers

RDC8K card reader has 4 slots and supports wide variety of memory cards:  including SD cards, microSD cards, CF cards, and Memory Stick (MS) flash cards. Equipped with a reversible USB Type-C and USB 3.1 Type-A connector it is perfect for any desktop and laptop application. Equipped with OTG functionality RDC2K card reader, on the other hand, is designed for use on mobile devices. Additionally, the latter has a USB Type-A port, which makes connecting any USB flash drive and even some devices such as keyboards and mice possible.


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