Are you one of those people who decided to save some money buying bottom line Apple MacBook and now you regret not getting a device with bigger storage? Perhaps, you might even consider selling your Mac and getting a new one. Well, hold your horses; Transcend offers a solution for this problem. StoreJet 600 is designed especially for Apple.


There are many advantages of this external SSD storage device, but among many the manufacturer highlights style. They claim, that silver colour accentuates the delicacy of lines. And what many competitors offer as a brick with a cord, Transcend managed to turn into a stylish accessory.


StoreJet 600 has a USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface. This standard allows maximum data transfer speed of 10 Gbit/s in theory. In practice, maximum speed registered with StoreJet 600 reaches 470 MB/s, which is still a decent mark. The device is connected to a MacBook with a cable. Two cables are provided with the SSD, USB Type-C to Type-C for anything that came after 2016 and USB Type-C to Type-A for the earlier models.


The capacity of this stylish accessory is 240 GB. It uses native Apple HFS+ file system and the software that expands the functionality of the device is provided with it. The software, Transcend Elite, provides backup, encryption, and cloud synchronization. The company corroborates the deal with a 3-year warranty but holds back pricing information until the official release.


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