Since a lot of people bringing their computers and macs into our London It service for repair were asking us a lot about smart devices recently we decided to give a quick review of them and selected few the most popular ones.


Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is the best smart home centrepiece. It is great few to control your other smart gadgets in your home. It is hard to find anything better than Echo on the market at the moment: voice-activated, scalable, can control almost anything from your smart lights to smart heating.


Lifx Color 1000


Lifx Colour 1000 is one of the best color-changing smart bulbs. The second generation of Lifx is brighter and more efficient in comparison to Philips Hue. Some people claim that the colours look better as well. Moreover, unlike Philips Hue, it does not require a hub. The lights can be easily controlled with a user-friendly app or a digital assistant such as Amazon Echo.


August Smart Lock

August smart Lock

August Smart Lock grants you an access to a house just with your smartphone. It is easy to install: the system mounts over an existing deadbolt switch. It speaks via Bluetooth to your smartphone, granting quick access to you or guests. The latest version integrates tightly with Apple devices, but still, has support from other services like IFTTT.


Nest Learning Thermostat


The Nest Learning Thermostat is a device that allows you to monitor and control the temperature in your home. It uses a Wi-Fi signal to communicate to your devices, so you can access it from your phone, tablet, or PC. The latest generation has a larger display and a few more sensors. Additionally, it supports geofencing control, turning the heating on only in your current location.


Neato’s Botvac Robot Vacuum


Neato’s Botvac Robot Vacuum is, as you guessed it, a robot vacuum. The latest technology allows it to be smaller than ever. Equipped with a laser-navigation system and built-in Wi-Fi allows it to use its own intelligence or rely on yours if you feel like it.  Its U-shape design grants him access to every corner of your house, something that circular robots cannot do.


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