Many Mac and PC users are looking into to sell the Mac or PC and get a tablet, as mobile devices can accommodate needs of an average user. According to the recent rumours, Apple will announce three new models of Apple iPad. The presentation is due March 2017. However, it is believed that people will not be able to get hold of them until the second half of this year or even later.


Taiwanese daily newspaper, DigiTimes, claims that they have a reliable informer among suppliers. They reported that the new iPads are still in development stage. Although, the earlier rumours speculated that new 9,7-inch iPad will go into mass production in the first quarter this year, while 10,5-inch iPad and 12,9-inch iPad Pro will go into production in the second quarter.


Different sources also say that Apple is considering replacing 9,7-inch iPad models with 10,5-inch models. Supposedly, the new 9,7-inch models will be a basic model with lowest specs aimed for education and services sectors. On the other hand, iPads with diagonals of 10,5 and 12,9 inches will be equipped with an A10X processor, an upgraded version of the multi-core A10 processor. The screens for the 9,7-inch model will be produced by Seoul Semiconductor instead of a current supplier, Nichia. The rest of the components for the budget version will be obtained from “secondary” suppliers.




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