With so many gadgets coming out all the time, it could be quite a daunting task finding out what’s for you and what isn’t. Here at Bits and PCs, we’ve put together a quick list of five brilliant gadgets that you must get your little hands on during the 2013 summer, and why you should fork out your hard earned cash for them.


So, in no particular order, here they are:

1)      LED Pulse Band – (http://www.red5.co.uk/led-pulse-band.aspxl)

At a cheap £5, you won’t be losing any sleep over owning one of these. Let’s be honest, they aren’t going to change your life but they are a nifty little thing to own and can be a great bundle of fun when you’re out and about. I bought one of these to monitor my pulse at the gym during my depressing daily runs and they’ve certainly made things a whole lot more interesting. I’d highly recommend owning one of these if you’re a gym freak like me, or if you’re looking for that unique look that’ll bring you all the attention you crave as they come in various different colours. Luckily for me, I fall into both these categories and so I love my LED Pulse Band. I’m sure you will too.


2)      Portable Power Charger – (bit.ly/153PgCU/)

Having just returned from a long trip in Greece, I couldn’t recommend owning one of these enough. It’s basically a little device that you can buy in many shapes and forms which you use to charge at home, then, once your smartphone or tablet battery has run out, you can use the saved power to recharge you gadgets. It does mean you have to carry it along with you at all times, but it beats carrying a wire along with you and having to find a plug at every point. The Portable Power Chargers are cheap, convenient and very useful for those obsessed with their smartphones. Never run out of charge with one of these again!



3)      Wireless Portable Keyboard – (http://amzn.to/15PwRIT)

After moving my computer downstairs and into the living room to use as a home entertainment system, I decided to order one of these to make it much easier to use my PC directly from my sofa. It couldn’t be more straightforward to use either with you only having to plug in a small USB device into your computer, and then you’re all set to go! The buttons are very comfortable to use and the touchpad is very responsive, meaning the experience you get is pretty much identical to using a wired mouse and keyboard. It’s not too costly either, and you can get them in different sizes to match your own convenience.



4)      Kindle(http://amzn.to/14m6NIO)


I’ve always been a bit weary from all this new technology when it comes to reading. Anyone who’s ever tried reading off their computer or laptop will know what I mean by that. Most screens omit an odd light glare from their screen which really hurt your eyes and leave them strained. They’re uncomfortable and inconvenient when it comes to reading. This too seems to be the case with most tablets and iPads.


Thankfully, the Kindle sorts all that out. Starting from a mere £69, Amazon sells their Kindles at a very affordable price. They also offer a large collection of free books for your own entertainment. Having recently invested in their Kindle Paperwhite, I’ve never felt so satisfied with a gadget before. The battery life is ridiculously good and the memory isn’t too shabby either, as well as its easy to use interface and eye-friendly screen.  You can even import your own PDF files onto it and read it off your Kindle. Perfect in every sense and well worth the money. You can’t go wrong with a Kindle.b2ap3_thumbnail_amazon-kindle.jpg



5)      4K TVs –(http://amzn.to/ZY92uS)


With the next generation of consoles coming out later this winter, I’m definitely saving up to get myself one of these new 4K smart televisions. They’re fairly similar to your normal smart TVs but with 4 times the screen resolution and clarity, you’re bound to enjoy using your TV that much more, especially when you’ve got that PlayStation 4 controller in your hand that you’ve been dying to play. With games like Battlefield 4 and Watchdogs coming out, you’re bound to have plenty to entertain yourself with and to justify forking out the extra cash when buying a 4K TV instead of your usual HD Ready one.





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