Python is a programming language that is used in many cutting-edge developments: big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchains and crypto-currency. This list is not exhaustive. Scientists and developers from Google use it too. Why does IT-innovators like it and what can inspire you to learn it?


The curious minds in science and a business value Python for the ability to sketch a program, test it, and correct or modify the code on the go. There are even services like Jupyter Notebook that allow launching Python in a browser, testing separate blocks of the code in various arrangements, saving the log, and sharing with GitHub community. Frameworks and libraries available in Python allow you to save lots of time and prevent you from getting lost in the intricate details as a beginner.


Here are few great examples of Python in use:


Django – an open-source web framework that is designed for the creation of complex data-driven websites. Where PHP becomes unwieldy and overcomplicated Python retain clarity and simplicity. Instagram, Mozilla, PBS are using it.

Pandas – another free software that is used in data mining working with big data. Scientists use it to find patterns and business people – trends.

SageMath – a toolbox for a scientist. It is a great alternative to Magma and MatLab the cover many aspects of mathematics.


While Pythons speeds up development, C has an advantage in computation. However, there are hybrids as Cyphon what combines Python with C and C++. For somebody who already knows a programming language will be able to learn the basics of Python just in few weeks.


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