Skoog is an, app-ready, hands-on musical cube that brings your creativity to life. There’s nothing like Skoog out there. No other digital musical instrument or music software controller.

The Skoog is like a games controller for making music. It is a squashy foam cube that acts as a controller for the software running on your iPad, Mac or PC. The Skoog has a sensor inside of it which detects how hard, where and how it’s being touched.


When using the Skoog you select an instrument e.g. a guitar. Each side of the Skoog will have a different note. This gives you 5 notes to choose from, depending on if you touch it softly or hard the sound will be different.

You may can choose to aim for the buttons however, when you’re playing the Skoog you don’t have to; the whole surface area of the cube will be responsive to touch.

Each Skoog comes with Skoogmusic software for iPad, Mac and PC, and access to the Ableton Plugin. Skoogmusic is the sound engine and control room for your Skoog. It’s all you need to connect, customise and play. It is available for Mac, PC and iPad.

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