The world is standing on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 will massively employ artificial intelligence (AI). AI is already penetrating every part of our lives. According to the prediction of specialists, 40% of current jobs will become redundant due to automatization in some 20 years. However, new jobs are expected to appear in servicing this new machinery. IT specialists will be in demand especially those who know programming languages. The experts are certain that Java will be among the most popular programming languages for many decades to come.  


Here are 7 industries today that cannot go without Java:


  1. Android apps

Do you want to write for Android? Learn Java

  1. Financial services

World banks use Java in processing the data, server applications, and trading software.

  1. Web apps

Java is a choice of both commercial and government sectors. National healthcare, education, and insurance systems are based on this language.

  1. Programming environments

Many programming environments owe their existence to Java.

  1. Built-in solutions

Applications Java can be reused in many instances, from household equipment to manufacture management systems. One app – many devices.

  1. Big data

Java does not dominate big data analysis yet, but there is a chance. Hadoop and ElasticSearch are based on Java.

  1. Science

Java is the most prevalent programming language in scientific sector.


These are only a few of the uses of Java. Yet, it demonstrates, that learning this language is a great investment into your future.


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