ESET, a cyber-security provider, published a report about tendencies in the area of IT security. These are predictions by ESET as what trends will shape cyberspace in 2017. We, London IT support, are very grateful for this information and wish to share it with you.

Predictions for 2017

According to the experts, criminals continue their assault on mobile devices. The main target of these attacks will be Android devices. As statistic demonstrate, in 2015 malefactors produced around 200 malicious programs for Android every month. This figure then rose to 300 in 2016. This year the expectancy is 400 malicious programs produced monthly.

Not only mobile sector is expecting a rise in a number of threats. Alongside with increasing number of DDoS and ransomware attacks, ESET predicts the increase of attacks on the Internet of things. The Internet of things is a term for the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. In other words, smart devices. Moreover, the experts fear that the new type of ransomware may appear this year. They expect an advent of the programs that block smart devices, electronic personal assistants, software in cars and buildings, etc. and demand a ransom for regaining the access.

Critical infrastructures should expect a heavy blow. While cybercriminal re-direct their forces from popular programs to the infrastructures. A number of vulnerabilities reached a record height in 2014 (7946). However, it fell to 6435 “holes” in popular software. The hope is that developers pay more attention and patch their individual software more vigorously.


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