Today many manufacturers pay greater attention to the corporate segment of the market. Unlike consumer segment, Tenchnavio foresees 21% annual rise in demand for network attached storage, NAS. So Seagate 10TB hard drive was released to accommodate this demand for small businesses and professionals.

Seagate 10TB hard drive

The new release is a 3,5-inch hard drive. The device comes under a codename IronWoolf Pro. It is hermetically sealed body contains seven 1.43TB plates and filled with helium. By replacing the air in a hard drive with helium (a gas that is seven times less dense than air) the disks inside create less turbulence when they spin. That means more discs can fit into less space and use less power. The storage device is dedicated for small businesses, advanced home users, and professionals who work with big amount of data.

The new model comes with 5-year warranty, with the condition that the annual amount of recorded data does not exceed 300TB, and 2-year Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Plan. This is a chance to recover stored information from a hard drive in a result of a failure for free. Surprisingly, is also covers the failure caused by a natural cataclysm. Additionally, Seagate also specifies, that the device is capable of working 8760 hours a year. That means 24/7 functionality. IronWoolf Pro has 256MB of cache, 6GB/s interface, and 7200RPM speed. Yet, its maximum stable data transfer speed is 214MB/s.

Overall, IronWoolf Pro is an excellent product for professional use. Contact London IT Support and Computer Repair service to upgrade your NAS or server storage.

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