This week, Samsung Electronics demonstrated 64GB RAM module that is based on 16Gbit chips. This RDIMM is dedicated to servers as well as to general use. However, later this year these chips will be used in 128GB and 256GB modules dedicated specifically for servers.

Monolithic 16Gbit DDR4 memory chips from Samsung have a transfer speed of 2666 MT/sec while using 1,2V. This is 20% reduction in energy consumption in comparison with similar modules that use 8Gbit chips. As it is the new chips are not exactly a breakthrough, as manufacturers were producing 16-32 Gbit multi-layer chips using TSV connection. However, the multi-layer structure makes the organisation of RAM modules significantly more complex demanding the use of multiple ranks and additional buffers. This causes delays in data transfers. The monolithic structure allows using a lesser amount of chips, which simplifies the organisation, reduces energy consumption, and decreases the delays. Samsung claims that their 64GB modules have only 2 ranks. 128GB and 256GB modules that will be available later this year have 4 and 8 ranks accordingly.

The company announced that the new DDR4 16Gbit chips are available for its partners already, but it does not disclose the names of the partners. Samsung is equally secretive about the price. Nevertheless, it is expected that it will be more than for similar Crucial’s modules, taking into the account bigger memory capacity and lower energy consumption. Nevertheless, it is something to look for if you‘ve been considering upgrading your PCs or servers.

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