A major survey by an American computer repairs specialist has named Samsung as the most reliable computer brand, followed by Apple. As a provider of Apple Mac repairs in London, we’re always happy to hear about the strong performance of Apple products.

Rescuecom, a major independent computer repairs specialist in the US, took advantage of the huge numbers of customers to collate some meaningful data on the most reliable brands. The survey isn’t perfect, as Apple commands a larger market share and the results are presented merely as a percentage of the overall repairs, but the US company has clearly indicated that Samsung has consistently outperformed Apple in this one critical area.

The survey covered laptops, tablets and two-in-one devices such as the new iPad Air 2 and Samsung’s Tab S2, Tab A and Tab E devices that hit the market this year to a chorus of approval. The two brands are going strong and fighting it out with each other for the top spot in the smartphone market, too; so a result like this is significant, even if the numbers aren’t wholly representative.

Apple holds an 18.3% share of the computing devices market, compared to Samsung’s 5%, so Samsung accounting for 1.9% of repairs compared to Apple’s 7.9% requires a little extrapolation.

Lenovo, which specialises in low budget computer equipment, was a surprise third place. The Chinese brand has been making waves with solid specifications at affordable prices in recent years and this solid scoring position when it comes to reliability will do nothing to hurt its cause with an ever-growing army of fans.

Fellow budget-conscious choice Asus was fourth, beating the likes of Dell, Acer, Toshiba and HP, when it comes to reliability, according to Rescuecom, in any case. HP was last in the poll, not for the first time. HP commanded 27.8% of the company’s repair time, which is nothing to be proud of with only a 17.6% market share. HP has improved its numbers, but not its position at the foot of the major league.

Reliability grade

Brand Market share Repair time Grade

1. Samsung 5% 1.9% 213 A
2. Apple 18.3% 7.9% 189 A-
3. Lenovo 8.3% 4.1% 166 B+
4. Asus 4.1% 2.8% 118 C
5. Dell 14.8% 18.9% 64 D+
6. Acer 3% 4.2% 57 D-
7. Toshiba 2.9% 4.5% 52 F
8. HP 17.6% 27.8% 51 F

Samsung Galaxy A5 by Janitors licensed under Creative commons 4

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